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Customer Guide

Customer Registration

Registration and login required for store customers to retain their product lists and events. Guest users will have their lists and events stored temporarily in the browser cookie. Registration specific steps are defined by a store where Snap Registry app is installed. Images below are for example only.

Snap Registry Menu

Snap Registry App installs a new Registry link to the store menu, leading to the new store page.
store menu

Adding Products to Lists

Product lists allow customer to maintain groups of products - favorites, watched, event and so on. To add product to list click an Add to Registry button on a product details page. Specific button location and design can be altered by a specific store. Images below are for example.
product details add to list
Product can be added to one of exisiting lists.
dialog product add to list new
Confirmation dialog will be displayed.
dialog product add to list confirm
Product can be removed or its quantity can be updated once if a product was added on the list previously.
dialog product add to list edit
Product can also be added to a new product list.
dialog product add to new list

Product Lists Page

Registry page has Product List section with the all product lists that customer has created. Available features here - create new list, edit list, delete list, buy all products on the list, buy a specific product from the list, remove a specific product from the list.
page product lists

Event Lists Page

Event List page section displays all customer upcoming and past events. Available features here - create new event, edit event, and delete event.
page event lists

Event Details Page

View event details button leads to the new page where all event details are displayed. Available features here - print the event details, buy all event products, buy a specific product. Once event product is purchased, progress bar and amount is updated and name of a buyer is shown.
page event details

Event Editor

Create or Edit event button will open event editor where all details can be set.
dialog event editor